I am in need of a chest or upright freezer. If anyone has one and no-longer has a use for it I will be more that grateful and come get it. You can reply or call 386-320-6044 Thanks in advance.
I'm looking for a quality table to use in a tournament but since I'm a volunteer I don't have much to spend. Must be regulation size (5x9) and be green or blue. Each half must be 1 piece. (You'd be surprised at how many are 2 pieces glued together). I can fix broken wheels but not broken, chipped or paint worn off tables. Thank you.
Looking for pallets
Requesting, hoping for 1 or 2 nice decent strong/ceramic pots...you may not want/not using anymore. My two little decorative palmetto trees are flourishing, growing out of their pots! Pots must be, at least 15" in diameter...not sure, 4-5 gallon size. Need to be fairly stable/heavy, to keep them upright...not blow over. I know I see many pots, ceramic pots, sitting empty in yards, not being use...
Would like two 5-gallon buckets, with good solid lids, to keep my bird seed in. My mischievous squirrels have managed to finally trim the rim of my last bucket lid. I know I don't want to spend money on buying buckets when I know there's lots of empty ones which could be recycled for this. My birds will continue to appreciate my offerings. Thank you very much in advance!
Description: Greddy turbo timer
My 6 year old has next to no toys, all were packed for the movers when we relocated several boxes went missing including boxes with my sons toys in it.
Looking for a used working Ceramic Kiln.
Rescue needs a very large aquarium, preferably with stand; does not need to hold water, but no broken glass.
In desperate need of Leggos for about 10 kids under 8. PLEASE help!!
A friend of mine was surprised 3 months ago by finding out that she was 4 months pregnant, a month later she finds out that she as been bless with a set of twins, boy and girl. She already has two little boys and is struggling to make ends meet since she had to stop working since she was high risk. Well, this morning her water broke and she went into labor 6 weeks early. Unfortunately she is ...
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