3-Dec-2018Daytona Beach, FL+14 milesItems Wanted
i am in search of any unwanted (womens) clothing, shoes, etc. just anything you no longer want or are planning on donating. any sizes will work.
25-Nov-2018Daytona Beach, FL+14 milesItems Wanted
moving into a apartment and need furniture i havent any transportation or way to haul large items but if your near oak hill and have some furniture contact me please
will pick up just about anywhere in voluisa county. In search of gardening trays of any size, drain holes or not, also looking for inserts, Microgreen seeds vegtable or herb, racks, shelves, grow lights, grow medias, timer, tester, pumps, foggers, anything for hydroponics, anything that you think might be helpful for getting me into market and my indoor farm up an running. thank you all in adva...
3-Nov-2018Daytona Beach, FL+14 milesItems Wanted
Need a couple of nice clean 5-gallon buckets, with lids...cat litter buckets, any nice strong buckets to keep my bird feed in, squirrels out! Thank you in advance!
3-Nov-2018Daytona Beach, FL+14 milesItems Wanted
My maturing plants are flourishing, need bigger pots. Please, if you happen to have any unwanted, not used ceramic pots, nice/decent 4-5 gallon, I will be happy to pick them up, will make my plants happy.! Thank you in advance!
1-Nov-2018Daytona Beach, FL+14 milesItems Wanted
I am a young mother of two with one on the way very very soon- due in January. My other half has just been released from Halifax after 3 long months... Now diagnosed with stage 4 cancer (terminal). Im the sole care-giver for him at this moment & It's been very hard on all of us as a family. I have no support system outside of him- no family, nobody to turn to. Now, I'm very much stressed & pres...
22-Oct-2018Port Orange, FL+9 milesItems Wanted
Microgreen supplies seeds, 10x20 garden trays with or without drain holes and or inserts, racks, grow lights, grow medias, timer, tester,
22-Oct-2018Daytona Beach, FL+14 milesItems Wanted
Supplies for microgeens - Microgreen seeds, 10x20 garden trays with or without drain holes and or inserts, racks, grow lights, grow medias, timer, tester,
26-Jul-2018Geneva, FL+23 milesItems Wanted
In desperate need of Leggos for about 10 kids under 8. PLEASE help!!
16-Aug-2013Daytona Beach, FL+14 milesItems Wanted
A friend of mine was surprised 3 months ago by finding out that she was 4 months pregnant, a month later she finds out that she as been bless with a set of twins, boy and girl. She already has two little boys and is struggling to make ends meet since she had to stop working since she was high risk. Well, this morning her water broke and she went into labor 6 weeks early. Unfortunately she is ...